About Us

Nature & Nurture Child Psychologists
  • Welcoming place that engages each child.

    We offer a warm, passionate, nurting and fun environment where children and adolescents feel heard and understood.

    We believe in offering the highest degree of professionalism and the best evidence based approaches. Our treatment approaches aim to empower children and their families towards a healthier wellbeing and successful future. We offer a child centered approach where we seek to take on a childs perspective using creative therapeutic techniques.

  • Friendly atmospherewith the best quality care for your child.

    Nature & Nurture Child Psychologists is a fun, nurturing  and warm Psychology Clinic located in the heart of Earlwood.

    At Nature & Nurture we believe in:

    • Professionalism: We seek to provide the highest quality, scientifically proven psychological approaches.
    • Child centred approach: We seek to take on the child’s perspective and tailor treatment according to your child’s needs.
    • Education: Parents are informed about their child’s condition so they can understand their needs and provide for their future.
    • Wellbeing: Our treatment approaches aim to empower children and their families towards healthier functioning and promote independence.
    • Commitment: We are committed to providing a warm, friendly and caring environment whilst providing the highest quality care to your child and family.
  • Offering fun and creative therapy solutions.

    At Nature & Nurture Child Psychologists we offer fun and creative therapeutic techniques to help provide solutions the most common childhood difficulties. Our clinicians engage with children through a range of different mediums including painting, drawing, play dough and also board games. The space is designed to make a child feel safe, heard and understood